Frequently Asked Questions


Argentina is a country in South America, covering most of the southern portion of the continent. The world’s eighth largest country, Argentina occupies an area more extensive than Mexico and the US state of Texas combined. Argentina is a Spanish speaking country and encompasses immense plains, deserts, tundra, the tall Andes Mountains, rainforest and thousands of miles of rivers and Atlantic coastline. Argentina also claims a portion of Antarctica, as well as several islands in the South Atlantic, including the British-ruled Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas). With a population of 15 million, the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires makes up 1/3 of the 45 million residents.

There are numerous cities that offer non-stop flights to Buenos Aires including Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Washington, Miami and New York. Almost all flights depart the US in the evening with arrival in Buenos Aires at Ezeiza International Airport the following morning with an average flight time of 10 hours.

No VISA is required to visit Argentina. You only need a valid passport that does not expire within 6 months of your travel dates.

Argentina is not a violent country. In big cities, such as Buenos Aires, just make sure you don’t walk around wearing expensive watches or jewelry. Use common sense, as you would do in any big city while traveling, and you should be fine. Many cities in the US are much more dangerous than Buenos Aires and violent crime is rare, especially in the areas where our guests will be spending their time.

The currency in Argentina is the Argentine peso.

Please check for the most up to date and accurate information for weather throughout the country.

Since Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite of those in the US. When it is winter in the US, it is summer in Argentina, etc. The seasons vary for the array of sporting species available in Argentina and Uruguay.

Dove:  Year round

Duck:  May through August

Perdiz:  May through August

Pigeon:  typically, April through August depending on the destination

Brown, Rainbow and Sea Run Brown Trout:  typically November 15th through April 31st depending on the river

Free Range Red Stag:  March 1st through April 15th

Argentine voltage is 220V (USA is 110), therefore, it is necessary to bring a converter for certain appliances, such as hairdryers, that are not equipped for the 110-220V range. Though, most electronics will work just fine on 220V such as your laptop and cell phone and, most likely, all you will need is a universal adapter to accommodate the plugs and sockets.

All the information regarding our COVID policy will be provided to you before you begin any booking process.

We highly recommend that our clients buy travel insurance. We recommend Global Rescue. Please contact Justin Walker at or by phone at 1-617-459-4200.

It’s very simple. Please just send us an email to or call us at (713) 882-1762.

We offer a turnkey service and will organize all necessary logistics for your trip including transfers with English speaking guides, domestic flight and international flight reservations, private air charters, meet and greet at all airports, city tours, etc.

Yes, we do! We have been offering our clientele combo sporting and destination travel or stand-alone travel trips for almost 20 years. We would love the opportunity to organize a visit for your group to see such fabulous destinations as Iguazu Falls, the Mendoza Wine Country, Glaciers National Park and the gorgeous Lake Region of Patagonia.

This will depend entirely on the location, available flights and your budget. Most lodges are accessible by commercial flight followed by a ground transfer to the lodge. Some lodges may also be reached directly by ground transfer from Buenos Aires. Finally, private air charters to the lodges are also available and we will quote and organize for interested groups.

Yes, your group can have private use of the lodge based on the lodge policy for the minimum number of guests during your stay.  Each lodge will vary. Please check with us for the policy.

Yes, of course, and this often gives you the best opportunity to shoot different species or experience diverse rivers.

Yes, you are allowed to bring a maximum of three shotguns or rifles into Argentina and we have many clients each year that do so.  Please inquire with us about the procedure for bringing guns into the country. Though, please keep in mind this can be tedious process as you might have to travel to an Argentine Consulate in the US (depending on your gun model and/or the city you live in), and then likely have to show up earlier than usual at your US departure airport to clear your firearms guns and have them inspected.

Upon arrival at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, you will have to present your guns to the firearms authorities and customs which may take up considerable time.  Today most hunters choose to use the excellent guns available at the lodges in 28, 20 and 12 gauge in semi auto and over/under in Beretta and Benelli. Nevertheless, we understand that many hunters prefer to shoot their own guns and will gladly assist them with this process.

We will provide a detailed packing list for your trip.

Yes. All lodges have internet available at the lodge.
No. You are not allowed to bring shells into Argentina.

Yes. Most lodges welcome kids as guests. In addition, many lodges offer activities for non-hunting or non-fishing guests during their stay such as horseback riding, hiking, tours of the local area, birding or shopping in nearby towns and small cities among others. Just check with us for what’s available at each destination.

Yes, but we will obtain all necessary hunting and fishing permits prior to your arrival.

No. Argentine law does not allow wild game to be taken out of the country.

Please feel free to ask for references so you can speak with guests that have traveled with us.