Wing Shooting & Big Game

Hunting Lodges

Argentina & Uruguay


Argentina and Uruguay offer some of the finest shooting for wild game birds in the world. The most famous shooting comes in the form of high volume doves based around the region of Cordoba that was first discovered in the early 1980’s. Though many other areas now offer spectacular shooting as well.

Besides these amazing dove shoots, there is fantastic shooting throughout Argentina and Uruguay for ducks, perdiz and pigeon. Wild Red Stag can also be found in La Pampa Province and in mountains of Patagonia further south. With over 25 years of experience on our team, at MayFly Cocker Sporting we are dedicated to creating spectacular wing shooting and big game trips for you.

Hunting Lodges

Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Santa Rita

Duck & Perdiz Shooting

San Luis Province, Argentina

El Monte Outfitters

Pigeon & Dove Shooting

Entre Rios Province, Argentina

Los Laureles

Dove, Perdiz, Duck & Pigeon Shooting

Neuquen Province, Argentina

Arroyo Verde

Free Range Red Stag Hunting & Fly Fishing


Guayascate Lodge

High-Volume Dove Shooting

Santiago del Estero Province, Argentina

Santiago del Estero

Dove & Pigeon Shooting

Salta Province, Argentina

Tuku Lodge

Dove & Pigeon Shooting

Paysandu Province, Uruguay

San Juan

Perdiz, Dove & Duck Shooting

La Pampa Province, Argentina

Estancia Poitahue

Pigeon, Perdiz & Dove Shooting