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Cordoba Province

Córdoba is the second most populous province in Argentina with 3,308,876 inhabitants and fifth by size in Argentina, at about 165,321 km². Almost 41% of its inhabitants reside in the capital city of Córdoba and its surroundings areas making it the second most populous metro area in Argentina.

The Lodge

Guayascate is 18,000 square feet of pure luxury with ten expertly appointed rooms that allow group sizes to be small and intimate with singles or doubles if they wish to grow as large as twenty hunters.

The living areas at Guayascate were specially conceived for your absolute comfort and relaxation. After a long day in the field, Guayacsate knows guests treasure a cozy homelike environment to kick back and settle down.

The couches are extra soft, there is excellent reading material available and there is always a smiling face standing by to bring you a cold drink or whatever your heart desires. The living room is everything you imagine from a 5-star hotel and more.

The lodge features a spa with an infinity swimming pool and two spacious heated jacuzzis (inside and outside).

At Guayascate, all meals are special occasions. The dining room is designed to make you feel like royalty. Besides the great dove shooting, one of the reasons for coming down to Argentina is to enjoy the outstanding meats and wines. The goal is that the quality of the surroundings countryside and should is of the caliber of what’s on your plate.

All the rooms at Guayascate are unique and have been designed to offer true 5-star comfort with a lodge staff that has been trained to cater to your every need. Here everybody knows your name are. The reputation of the lodge is founded on customer satisfaction and with goal of having each guest return as soon as possible.

Argentina is well known for its fine wines. The Mendoza region produces what is arguably the best Malbec on the planet. The wine cellar at Guayascate was designed to offer an extensive selection of reds and whites to match and exceed your highest expectations.

This is a special place where you can enjoy a glass of our finest spirits while dining on a wide variety of hors d’oeuvres prepared by our culinary experts.

The weather in Cordoba is beautiful and for this reason special outdoor areas at Guayascate are available where you can relax and enjoy the view. The lodge has many porches and you will surely find relaxing in the areas during your stay.

About the Hunt

The Shooting

The eared dove is the most prominent game bird in the area. A recent study by the Argentine Game and Natural Resources estimated the dove population in the area to be upwards of 32 million birds.

The eared dove is similar in size and appearance to the North American mourning dove. It’s distinguishing characteristic is flying throughout the day which ensures the opportunity for nonstop shooting. It is not uncommon to shoot between 2 to 4 cases of shells per day.

Owned and operated by Alex and Zeke Hayes, H&H Outfitters has spent the last 25 years developing a reputation for spectacular accommodations and impeccable customer service to create the finest dove shooting experiences in Argentina.

H&H Outfitters own or control over 20,000 acres of the best land in the heart of the prime roosting areas of Cordobae trees. The roosting areas are found in dense forest of the Piquillin trees, usually crossed by natural streams, producing an ideal habitat for the reproduction of doves. Vast and fertile valleys that surround the roost provide immense quantities of grain for the birds.

H&H Outfitters plant crops exclusively for doves on their land and use no till methods, which provide consistent and unlimited amounts of food. By practicing the proper game management techniques, H&H are the only outfitters in the area that offer excellent shooting throughout the entire year.

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