Entre Rios Provice, Argentina

Los Laureles

Wing Shooting for Dove, Duck, Pigeon and Perdiz

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About the Lodge

Wing Shooting

Los Laureles has rightfully earned the reputation as the one of the country’s finest mixed bag operations offering excellent shooting for duck, dove, pigeon and perdiz. We have been sending clients here since 2004 and it is certainly one of our preferred destinations for the demanding wing shooter.

The Lodge

The comfortable and luxurious facilities of this five-star lodge include six double bedrooms equipped with air-conditioning and a jacuzzi, as well as a spacious sitting-room with a fireplace, bar, dining room with an adjoining grill area and an outdoor swimming pool.

For larger parties there is an adjacent farm house with four additional bedrooms (two double and two single bedrooms).

The lodge staff prides itself on gourmet cuisine including a number of exquisite game dishes as well as fine wines. The lodge is intended to aid in relaxing from long days spent on foot in the field, so rest assured you won’t be roughing it here.

When taking into account the diversity of available hunting activities, land management, quality of birds and drive times, other mixed bag operations simply cannot compete with the world-class quality of Los Laureles Lodge.

About the Hunt

The Shooting

Located right along the Parana River, the second longest river in South America, Los Laureles offers true high volume dove shooting that is comparable to any other region of Argentina. All dove hunting takes place in shooting fields between 15 to 30 minutes from the lodge. From May through August, dove may be added to a superb mixed bag shooting program for duck, perdiz and pigeon. The lodge also offers high volume dove year-round which can easily be combined with exciting fishing for golden Dorado on the Parana River.

Los Laureles offers excellent decoyed duck shooting with drive times of roughly 20 to 45 minutes from the lodge to ponds and sloughs located along the Parana River system. The season runs from May through August. This region offers the opportunity to take numerous species such as the Chilean Wigeon, Teal (Silver, Ringed, Speckled, Cinnamon and Brazilian), Yellow Billed and White Cheeked Pintail, Fulvous and White-Faced Whistling and the country’s trophy duck, the Rosy Billed Pochard.

The perdiz is a flushing bird, often hunted with Brittany Spaniels and it is similar in size to a chukar. Most often found in singles in pairs, perdiz is a favorite of many hunters and offers challenging shooting as they flush in similar fashion to the smaller sized Bob White Quail. Hunts are conducted on flat to rolling terrain in fallow and harvested pastures. They make excellent table fare.

Los Laureles also offers exceptional shooting over decoys for pigeon. Many ardent wing shooters will tell you that a pigeon shoot over decoys is the most fun and challenging shooting you can experience. Imagine flocks of teal sized birds flying over dry ground working against the wind just as if it were a duck hunt. They are a fast-flying target that is often harder to bring down than a duck.


Dove shooting and fishing for Dorado is available year-round. The mixed bag program for dove, duck, pigeon and perdiz is May through August.


Los Laureles is located in the province of Entre Rios across the Parana River from the city of Parana. The lodge is reached by daily flights to Parana from Buenos Aires Domestic Airport in the city. Upon arrival in Parana, the lodge team will then pick up your group for the short 1 hr. 15 min transfer to the lodge. If flying on a private charter, your flight will depart either from the Ezeiza International airport (EZE), Aeroparque (AEP) or the San Fernando private airport. Both Aeroparque and San Fernando airports are accessed by a drive across town. We will arrange your ground transportation to connecting airports prior to your trip.

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Houston, Texas

Great, great trip as always, one that always exceeds my expectations. Fantastic shooting, hospitality, service and accommodations. See you again next year!

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