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Unknown to most wing shooting enthusiasts is Tuku Lodge and its amazing dove and pigeon resource, located in the province of Salta in Northwestern Argentina.

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About the Lodge

Dove & Pigeon Shooting

Tuku Lodge is located only two hours from the Salta airport in Salta Province in Northwestern Argentina. The only licensed outfitter in Salta, Tuku lies on a beautiful 16,000 private ranch below the wet/dry rainforest of the Yungas Mountain Range and within the fertile Anta Valley. The property is situated near the town of Las Lajitas and and is a short drive to one of Argentina’s largest roosts of approximately 100 million eared dove.

The climate in this region of Salta is dry and warm for most of the year with December and January being the warmest months. Shooting year round is excellent but dove populations from March to November are superb when it is not uncommon to see more than a million doves in the air at the same time. July is prime time for pigeon shooting due to the the peanut harvest, their favorite food. The pigeon shoots at Tuku are fantastic with most hunts conducted over decoys offering one of the most memorable and exiting shooting experiences.

The lodge, with its privileged location below the Yungas Mountain Range, offers many different species of wildlife. Commonly seen at the lodge and in surrounding areas include Couse Deer, wild Emu, hogs, Puma, several species of ducks, Toucan, Charata and Loro Parrots.

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The Lodge

The spacious, recently renovated lodge is 20,000 sq. ft. and was built in 2007. Your beautiful home away from home offers a comfortable and refined experience for guests during their stay. Strategically located, the lodge was built close to dove and pigeon fields.

The lodge offers ten comfortable suites each with a private bathroom and air conditioning. There is a large and inviting living room with a huge fireplace for cocktails and relaxing after the shooting.

The lodge also has massage rooms, a sauna and other amenities to ensure your stay at Tuku exceeds your expectations. The lodge offers indoor and outdoor open bars and a comfortable fire pit in the yard. The cuisine at the lodge is delicious with an expert chef that orchestrates incredible meals to make sure your dining experience is second to none.

The Shooting

The fertile Anta Valley produces an incredible amount of soybeans, corn, wheat, sorghum and peanuts. Together with the ample water available for the birds, this grain equates to a never-ending food supply that has allowed the population to reach biblical proportions. Guides constantly scout the valley in search of dove and pigeon flyways that offer the best high-volume shooting.

The dove season runs year round and the pigeon shooting runs May to August with a limit of 200 pigeon per hunter per day. Most pigeon hunts are conducted over decoys, an amazing wing shooting experience. Hunters will witness this teal sized pigeon decoy over dry land towards your spread offering exciting and challenging shooting for even the most experienced shot.

Breakfast is typically at 7:00 AM followed by departure from the lodge at 8:00 AM. Average drive times are 30 minutes. When you arrive at the field, your bird boy will be waiting for you at your blind with your guns and and cold drinks. Shooting typically begins immediately upon arrival.

Tuku has numerous, exclusively leased properties in the Anta Valley, and, as the only licensed outfitter in Salta Province, they have access to the finest shooting properties. If you are a novice shooter, you will be a seasoned shot at the end of your trip after countless rounds of practice on this challenging target. If you already you are a well-seasoned shooter, you will experience high volume shooting that can be challenging for the even the most experienced shot. Regardless, expect to truly amazed by the sheer number of birds that the Tuku Lodge operation offers its guests.

After the morning shoot, the group will meet in a shaded area close by for lunch in the field. Hunters will enjoy the famous Argentina asado (BBQ). This will include the famous Argentine beef, dove breasts from the morning shoot, chorizo sausage, chicken, freshly baked breads, salads and beer and wine. Guests may then enjoy a siesta (nap) after lunch before resuming the afternoon shoot.

The Fishing

You never know what you will find below the surface of the beautiful streams in this area of Salta but there is no doubt that the Golden Dorado is king. Tuku fishes two rivers with challenging wade fishing: the Dorado River and the Seco River. Both are small rivers with pristine, clear waters. The clarity and size of these beautiful mountain streams presents challenging yet rewarding fly fishing opportunities.

As you fish the Dorado and Seco Rivers, you will be stalking a worthy foe but one that is worth all the effort. The Golden Dorado is one of the most fish sought after quarries in its native South America. They are acrobatic once hooked, often leaping out of the water, lighting fast and have massive jaws with razor sharp sheep.


Tuku Lodge is located in northwestern Argentina in Salta Province. The lodge is only 2 hours from the Salta Airport which has daily flights from Buenos Aire.

Some groups may choose to spend a night in Buenos Aires before their shoot. Charter flights are also available. Please contact us for quotes.

M. H.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Wonderful staff and lodge. Best shooting of my life. Thanks so much and see you soon for another great adventure!

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